Friday, September 01, 2006


As some of the older readers of this blog in Australia would remember the early 60's music scene, I am directing my attention to The Barry Sisters, in particular Dorothy Barry. At that time, they were regular stars on Bandstand, sang with the Allen Brothers, (Peter Allen) did The Bobby Limb Show etc, recorded on Pye label. Dorothy is a dear friend of ours, and I am taking on a project to compile some of her material and combine it with an interview that I will conduct with her. If anyone is interested in involving themselves with this project, ie do you have any recordings, pictures, stories, memories, would like to ask her a question, let me know. The resulting DVD/CD will be provided to the Aust. National Library and Screensound Australia, the national film and sound archive. I forgot to mention, she appeared in a movie directed by Gillian Armstrong called Sweetie. Dot is a genuine legend of the Australian entertainment industry and deserves to have her history recorded and preserved.

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