Saturday, June 10, 2006

PHIL JONES & THE UNKNOWN BLUES 1967 Aussie freakbeat

Who remembers this?


k. said...

Hi Dave,

Thanks for presenting this gem.

The Fred Karniss Army boys used to go to Rhubarbs of a Saturday night when bands like The Unknown Blues, Python Lee Jackson, The Sect, Jeff St John and who else? My memory just blanked....Who remembers Rhubarbs and The Bowl... or 10 Cunningham St? FKA played there once. Ross' amp blew up in the first song and our manager dropped my bass drum down the stairs...great drum roll...Go Set took pics that night. (of the audience).

Anonymous said...

Phil Jones - another old boy from my old school at De La Salle Marrickville. I distinctly remember him pestering Tony Asciak of the Rogues for guitar tips.


Phil Jones said...

I remember this - since I'm Phil Jones.

And I remember how I use to 'pester' Tony. I was a pain in the butt! He finally 'suggested' I go over and audition with this other group of guys (whom he thought of as a bunch of dorks)...they hired me and we became the Unknown Blues. So, I'm forever grateful to Tony for giving me 'the flick.'

I recently released a double CD on Eclectic Discs called 'Cosmic Surfer.' My current band is Shiva's Quintessence.

There's supposed to be another video floating around of the Unknown Blues performing 'If I Had A Ticket.' It was the first video we made. Haven't seen it yet.


daveallen said...

We'll keep a lookout for it and let you khow if we can track it down.